TMJ Headache Treatment in Naperville, IL

When you have a headaches or migraine would you think that your jaw could be the cause? The jaw, or specifically (TMJ), temporomandibular joint could be causing your headache or migraine. The TMJ is a hinge joint connecting the jaw to your skull base. This joint allows us to talk, laugh, swallow, yawn, and chew. This joint is supported by a lot of different muscles. Some of the muscles involved include the muscles of the throat, cheek, and side of the head which in turn connect with the muscles of the neck, shoulders and chest. Issues with TMJ are often caused by malocclusion of misalignment of the bite. This misalignment puts a lot of strain on the supporting and adjoining muscles which can potentially lead to headaches or migraines. It has been documented that people who clench or grind their teeth have a tendency to have more headaches and/or migraines.

What are some symptoms of TMJ?

  • Tight facial or jaw muscles
  • Facial pain
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw joint
  • Limited opening
  • Changes in the bite
  • Clenching teeth
  • Grinding teeth
  • Noises in the ear
  • Ear pain

TMJ treatment can provide a solution to the headaches and migraines you are having.

Its All In Your Head

Dr. Tesh Patel's focus is relief of chronic pain and neuromuscular problems using conservative, holistically oriented methods. Dr. Patel is continually seeking the most advanced techniques available. Dr. Patel uses non-invasive and non-surgical approaches. His expertise is in objectively documenting cranial dysfunction and correlating it with problems that may appear elsewhere.

Dr. Tesh Patel's patients had often been dismayed to hear their previous doctors say "It's all in your head," or "You'll have to learn to live with it, there's nothing you can do about it."

Unfortunately, the migraine-like headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, hearing loss, ear ringing, eye, face, head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, leg or foot problems, etc. were "VERY REAL" to sufferers.


Margaret is twenty-eight years old, married for five years, and hoping to start a family soon. Her health was "average" until she developed symptoms of migraines, her story starts:

I began to have very bad headaches that increased from monthly to weekly to almost daily. So I started seeing a primary care physician who was trained in family practice and internal medicine. He diagnosed me as having "migraines," then "allergy problems," then "postnasal drip," then "stress headaches" and "depression headaches." It was one diagnosis after another..... READ HER FULL STORY HERE

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