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If you're residing in Naperville, IL, and seeking top-notch care for sleep apnea, migraines, and TMJ/jaw pain, the journey to optimal health begins with Dr. Hitesh Patel and his outstanding team at the Suburban TMJ and Sleep Center. With a reputation built on expertise and innovation, patients from Naperville and beyond can trust that they are in capable hands. The center's commitment to exceptional treatment options showcases its dedication to alleviating your discomfort and improving your overall well-being.

Causes of TMJ Disorders:

● Injury to head, neck, or jaw

● Arthritis pain

● Whiplash

● Stress/Anxiety causing tightening of facial muscles

● Clenching or grinding of teeth

Most Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorders:

● Pain with chewing 

● Locking of the TMJ 

● Inflammation in the jawbone or joint 

● A jaw or muscle stiffness 

● Severe injury to the head, neck, or jaw, 

● Misaligned biting patterns  

● Frequent headaches 

Best TMJ Treatment in Naperville, Illinois

With his state-of-the-art procedures conservative and proven methods, Dr. Hitesh Patel offers some of the best jaw pain and TMJ treatments in Naperville, Illinois. We understand it can be tough to choose a reliable TMJ clinic in Illinois for all your jaw pain treatments. Here at Suburban TMJ and Sleep Center, we are always looking for ways to offer top-notch TMJ treatments in Naperville, Illinois. To make sure you receive effective and easy-going medical services, our team has created an inviting, comfortable environment where you can learn more about the condition. 

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If you are struggling with jaw pain or recurring ear or neck pain, you must consider visiting our office for jaw pain treatment in Naperville, Illinois.

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