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I have only been wearing my TMJ appliance for one week, but I have already seen marked improvements in my ability to open and move my jaw. I feel confident that I will continue to see an increase in mobility in the weeks to come. The staff is very friendly and always helpful in answering all of my questions. They were very welcoming from the moment I arrived. Dr. Patel makes me feel assured that I will regain most if not all of my ability to move my jaw again. He, too, is very friendly and welcoming. I greatly appreciated his phone call to check on me the day after I obtained my TMJ appliance.

Beth Westbrook

After being in so much pain and discomfort, it is mind blowing the progress that has been made in my first week. The pain has gone away and I can't remember the last time I was able to eat without paint or discomfort.

Jake Priet

In just two days, I have had incredible results. My pain and pressure is negotiable and I have increased my mobility and jaw flexibility. I have every reason to believe, by following Dr. Patel's treatment plan, I will return to a pain free lifestyle.

Susan C. Morris

In one month, my jaw pain is completely gone. I always thought I had a "small mouth" and had to find a dentist that had smaller hands because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough for them to work on my back teeth. I found out through Dr. Patel that is was a jaw joint issue, not a "small mouth issue". The mouth piece he made for me is correcting my issue along with giving me a pain free jaw.

Lisa Harmon

I've had popping issues with my jaw for years and didn't think much of it. I'd occasionally get pain under my ear by my join, but nothing too serious. Then I had a tooth extraction in January - it was nearly April and I was in extreme pain - the oral surgeon I went to just wrote me off - then my regular dentist referred me to Dr. Patel. In one week, I am virtually pain free - I'm a new person. If I hadn't heard of Dr. Patel, I'd still be in unbelievable pain. His staff is amazing and he has been a God send. Thank you all so much.

Lisa Harmon

For over five year, I have had debilitating headaches and migraines affecting my neck, head, and face following a bad MVA. I have received botox therapy, trigger point/nerve block injections, physical therapy and tried countless other drug therapies. Within 3 weeks of having my splint, my face paint was 50% reduced and the squeezing in my temples had greatly improved. By 5 weeks, my face pain is nearly 100% improved and my temple pressure has gotten significantly better.

Anne C Bopp

In just one week, my symptoms have improved greatly. The treatment Dr. Patel made for me has already decreased my pain and improved my range of motion.

Stacey Caudill

I've been dealing with TMJ for nearly 10 years. I've neglected treatment for many years mainly from financial fear and the thought that it just wouldn't help. Not even two weeks into treatment with Dr. Patel, it's already been worth every penny. The first thing I noticed was my sleep improved tremendously. I haven't woke up to popping, cracking and headaches. Overall, all of my daily pains and chronic headaches have subsided. Dr. Patel and everyone here have been great to see helping me through this. Thank you all.

Bradley Azbell

I came to Dr. Patel from a different TMJ specialist, and the experience is night and day. Dr. Patel cares about his patients and wants them to excel in feeling like the best person they can be. I suffered from headaches, sever migraines, trouble chewing, neck pain, and upper back pain. Two months into splint therapy with Dr. Patel, there was a major turn around with my symptoms. Now I've been headache, neck pain, eye pain, and migraine free for almost 5 months. It does work and is 100% worth going through the splint therapy process.

Brandyn Kinsinger

Dear Dr. Patel and Desi,

I am pleased to say that thru the TMJ treatment with the apparatus, my pain was significantly reduced in the first week and in the second week it was gone completely. My bite improved so that teeth that weren't touching are now touching again and I can open my mouth wide without pain.

I was skeptical about this treatment working, but am very pleased that it has.


Sharon F.

Before seeing Dr. Patel, I was a loud snorer and I was constantly awakened by gasping for air or by my wife's nudging me and asking me to roll over. The first night with the SomnoMed proved to be my last night of snoring. According to my wife, my snoring is 100% cured. Since I was keeping my wife awake with my snoring, the SomnoMed was a two-for-one special: it cured her “sleep problem” as well! As the director of counseling and Wellness Innovations, I plan to refer my clients with snoring and sleep disorders to Dr. Patel.

Dan L.

Dear Dr. Patel and Staff,

I'm not sure why it works, but it does! I've been struggling with TMJ for a few years and it's been progressively getting worse. My dentist referred me after the night guard failed to help. You and your staff were friendly and knowledgeable. My 3 office visits were all on time, and in no time I was in my retainer. After wearing it 1 week my ear stopped hurting, my jaw didn't hurt and I could open my mouth – sneeze and yawn without hurting.

Thank you so much! Your staff is fantastic!

P.s. Keep on baking! I love the smell of the fresh cookies and bread.

Susan L.

Dr. Patel and Staff,

You guys are amazing in every way! Your facilities are superb, your service is amazing, your staff is friendly, empathetic and professional, and the treatment has changed my life! When I came into Dr. Patel's office months ago I was in daily pain and despair. Day after day the chronic pain wore me down emotionally and physically. I couldn't imagine the agony of dealing with such pain the rest of my life (facial, temples, neck, head and teeth).

Most days, I just tried to get through, trying to mask the pain with painkillers and coffee. Dr. Patel's office gave me a thorough screening and diagnosis using state-of-the-art equipment. He explained in simple language so I could understand. The staff answered my questions instead of showing me out the door. In weeks my mouth opening and facial pain began to diminish. I was beginning to sleep better through the night as well! Soon the headache and facial pain was gone. Now I wear my mouthpiece at night and get by without it during the day. Best of all, I enjoy life and am functional again! I thank God for Dr. Patel and his staff.

Daniel B.

Dr. Patel,

I am so thankful I found you. The pain, numbness and clogged feeling in my ear and face was unbearable. My regular dentist did not want to go any further and suggested I see someone else. Thank God it turned out to be you. When I called the office Deane was great in getting me in the next morning. Dr. Patel, you and your staff go beyond help. I feel like a part of your family. It was a long road for me and I know I was pessimistic at times, but you told me, encouraged me, it would get better. It took some trips back for adjustments but it was worked! Even when I thought it might be in my head you reassured me it wasn't. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and Chuck and my family does also. I could refer you to anymore. Thank you for your patience with me also, and for caring.

A Lady with TMJ (that is under control now)


When I was 19 I was in a car accident which caused me to have great problems with my jaw. Not 19 years later the problems with my jaw became dramatically worse. I was referred to Dr. Patel from my dentist. Dr. Patel advised that the problem I am having with the clinching of my teeth, my sinus problems, and the pain in my neck and back all stem from TMJ. Within 3 visits Dr. Patel had me fit for the mouth piece to have my jaw re-aligned. Of course I was not believing this was going to help all symptoms. Within 1 day every symptom was gone. I still had a little neck pain which has subsided, each other symptom is gone. This was the best trip to the dentist I have ever done. Dr. Patel is wonderful and his staff are great and very friendly. I can't thank you enough Dr. Patel.

Thank you,

Diana V.

Dear Dr. Patel,

I'm writing this letter to let you know that I feel so fortunate to have found you. I have been suffering severe ear pains related to my TMJ for more than a year. I have seen many doctors and dentists with various areas of specialties in the effort to find a cure. I have gone through pain and trouble of varying misdiagnosis of the source of my problem. I have to go through many medical and dental procedures to rule out many possible cause of my pain including MS and brain tumor.

In one of my diagnosis, I met Dr. Deweirdt who referred me to your clinic. I also met another former patient of yours who gave me a good feedback.

When I finally went to your clinic and you created an oral orthotic, the relief that I felt was tremendous. The combination of your orthotic adjustments, physical therapy and chiropractic back alignment made me feel great.

Lately, I have been enjoying my life. I recently went on a nice long vacation without feeling any pain. The occasional mild pain that I sometimes feel is now easier to manage and doesn't last long.

I also want to give compliments to the work that your staff do for me, especially Desiree. They are very professional and very friendly.

Again, my sincerest thanks.

Mildred G.