Its All In Your Head

Dr. Tesh Patel's focus is relief of chronic pain and neuromuscular problems using conservative, holistically oriented methods. Dr. Patel is continually seeking the most advanced techniques available. Dr. Patel uses non-invasive and non-surgical approaches. His expertise is in objectively documenting cranial dysfunction and correlating it with problems that may appear elsewhere.

Dr. Tesh Patel's patients had often been dismayed to hear their previous doctors say "It's all in your head," or "You'll have to learn to live with it, there's nothing you can do about it."

Unfortunately, the migraine-like headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, hearing loss, ear ringing, eye, face, head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, leg or foot problems, etc. were "VERY REAL" to sufferers.



Margaret is twenty-eight rears old, married for five years and hoping to start a family soon. Her health was "average" until 1992 when her story, starts:

I began to have very bad headaches that increased from monthly to weekly to almost daily. So I started seeing a primary care physician who was trained in family practice and internal medicine. He diagnosed me as having "migraines," then "allergy problems," then "postnasal drip," then "stress headaches" and "depression headaches." It was one diagnosis after another.

I was put on every kind of drug-from Prozac to muscle relaxants to painkillers. I was on every new nose spray and allergy or sinus medication that came out. For about a year I gave myself injections of Imitrex. I would be going through the day and-all of a sudden-a headache would hit out of nowhere with no warning-like a freight train. That was the end of any activity. I couldn't concentrate or think. I couldn't go on with my life. The only thing I could so was to go to bed in a quiet, dark room. The headaches were seriously affecting my job in retail sales. I had to take time off because I could not concentrate with the pain. Once I was taken to an emergency room because I'd dropped to the floor, crying with pain that was unbearingly severe.

Since 1992, I've seen many professionals including three primary care doctors, four ear, nose and throat specialists (ENT's), an allergist, a massage therapist and a chiropractor. I had two CAT scans and two MRI'S. All this was taking over my life. I was spending so much time going back and forth to doctors, paying them to tell me I was pretty much crazy, trying to keep on top of all the bills and battling the insurance companies. All the while, because no one knew what was wrong with me, they kept saying "There's nothing wrong with you," or "You're depressed," or "It's because you got married," or "It's because you're buying a house," etc., etc.

The last two years had been especially difficult. I was seeing two of the primary care doctors and three of the ENT'S. I'd tell them that I was taking six Excedrin per day, everyday, plus all the other medicines. None of them seemed to think that was a problem. The third ENT wanted to do sinus surgery. Mercifully, the fourth ENT referred me to Dr. Tesh Patel instead.

We've been trying to start our family for the last year and a half and I'd decided I was going to figure out the cause of my headaches and get healthy first. My husband was accompanying me to all doctor visits because no one seemed to be listening to me. By now, we both were suspicious, critical and questioning because of the way I'd been treated. But the clear difference with Dr. Patel was that he really listenedand didn't just prescribe medications. Instead, he tried to get to the bottom of my problem and promised he'd do whatever it took to help me.

When he put wax between my upper and lower teeth in various places to modify the position of key structures, he'd say to my husband, "What do you see before ... and after?" My husband would say, "She stands straighter," "Her shoulders aren't folding forward," after modifications were made. We could see improvements for ourselves-before Dr. Patel explained anything!

That first, two-hour visit was spent just talking, understanding, and demonstrating how things could be better for me. I returned for tests and many measurements so that a special "splint" could be made for me to wear on my teeth. The first four days after getting it took some getting used to-but I started to experience remarkable improvements. It's been only three weeks now-and I'm 100% better-there is just a little remaining neck strain still to be worked out. Incredible after six years of agony! I was on six medications before. I'm blessed to have found Dr. Tesh Patel.

I look back on what I've been through and want to share my story with everyone who's having similar problems. No one should have to go through what I did.


Mattie is eighty-two years young and lives with her family in Naperville. She tells her story:

All my life I knew my bite was "off" but it didn't bother me much. Then, about seven years ago, my ears and jaws began to hurt so much I could hardly stand it. I had to find someone who could relieve the pain. In all, I saw five medical professionals. The first four were ENT'S. I also went to Loyola but they didn't know what to do with me. I felt that they were thinking, "It's all in her head." The doctors ran two MRI tests. But the only thing they showed was a ruptured eardrum that I already knew about. Two surgeries were performed to close the rupture-but they were unsuccessful.

Feeling desperate by then, I consulted an orthodontist who told me that there was no cartilage left in my jaw joints-just bone on bone causing extreme pain over five years. By this time the pain was so awful that I didn't want to live anymore.

Fortunately however, the orthodontist knew Dr. Patel and recommended that I see him. My first visit was quite different from anything I'd ever experienced before. We had a very long discussion about my situation and he did a very thorough examination. Then he took measurements using special kinds of equipment I'd never seen before.

When 1 got the removable mouthpiece to put over my bottom teeth, I couldn't believe it - changes started to happen right away. Within three weeks, I got relief after all these years of pain. Two months have passed and I'm feeling better all over.

Life is definitely worth living now!